Wild Elephants 

The exact number of wild elephants remaining in Vietnam is unknown. In 2006, a footprint and dung count study estimated the population to be between 60 and 80 elephants. However, recent estimates suggest it is more likely to be around 60. These elephants are divided into five groups with the largest population residing in Yok Don National Park, an area of 100,000 hectares (247,105 acres).


None of the elephants are radio-collared so data remains inconsistent and unclear. Human elephant conflict is an ongoing and serious concern. Since 2009, 17 elephants have been killed by humans (most of which were shot) and there were up to 38 recorded conflicts in 2013. The ECC wild population management team is tasked with protecting the estimated sixty wild elephants, managing the human-elephant conflict, stopping the illegal ivory trade, and creating outreach programs to educate the people of Vietnam regarding the importance of protecting the species and its habitat.  The current wild population is small enough to be affected by a genetic bottleneck to the lack of breeding males – this also needs to be addressed.