How You Can Help

Please Support Our Work


The best way to help Jun, Gold, and other elephants in Vietnam is by supporting our work through a financial donation. Large or small, your generous gift will allow us to work in the most effective ways possible to improve the lives of Vietnam's elephants--building sanctuary, buying essential medical supplies, providing professional veterinary care and Positive Reinforcement Training, and so much more. 

Please Support Elephant-Friendly Tourism

Poor animal welfare can often be fueled unintentionally through tourism. Be responsible in ensuring that your actions don’t contribute to animal cruelty.  Do not take part in any elephant rides as often these animals are not cared for properly, have ill-fitting, heavy equipment, and suffer significantly during the “breaking in” process and throughout their lives due to poor management. Just say "NO" to rides, circuses, zoos and other tourist attractions that do not support the compassionate care and management of elephants.

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