A Mother for Gold & Jun

One-year-old Gold and six-year-old Jun urgently need a surrogate mother to help them grow, learn, love...and bond as a herd.

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Mothers matter...especially to young elephants like Gold and Jun who have lost theirs. Like all elephants, they have a strong psychological need to belong to a herd, to be part of a family unit, and to be loved and nurtured by a mother figure.


In the wild, elephant families are led by a group of females that often include mothers, grandmothers, and aunts. All play a vital role in helping young elephants develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


A surrogate mother for Jun and Gold will allow these rambunctious young elephants to safely live and play together in their spacious, 

forested enclosure at the Elephant Conservation Center (ECC). At present, they are separated to keep Gold safe (Jun is five years older and four times heavier than Gold and could injure him with rough play). Mom will keep a watchful eye out for trouble and she'll create the critical bonds of a new ECC family unit--exploring together, foraging together, bathing and dusting together...being together.

Your donation will support the monthly cost of leasing an adult, captive, female elephant. Like Gold and Jun, she'll live chain-free and ride-free (for the first time in her life). It's win-win for all!

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